Skyfire 317 Recent Updates:

- Archaeology now gives a better xp rate and reward if done in the wilderness

- The well of goodwill has been raised raised to 400m GP for 3 Hours of 30% of Bonus xp

- By many requests the Zombie minigame has had a buff in amount of zombies per level. You know who you are I hope you like it

- Dragonfire shield should now protect you from dragons breath

- Kryptic magic armour has been buffed greatly , before it had very little stats

- Fixed Firemaking Animation Bug that glitched out when burning any logs

- Added Super Restore Potions to Consumables shop for 25k each

- Couple of trouble shootings forum threads made

- Added couple of cosmetic items to Warding, and aswell a magic amulet drop, and a new pet! Happy Hunting